North Carolina Flag

North Carolina

32 Patriots

North Carolina Flag

In May 1775 the Mecklenburg Resolves were adopted at a public meeting at Charlotte declaring null and void all commissions granted by the King and making provisions for a new government.

Charles Abercrombie

Robert Abercrombie Sr

Adam Alexander

Thomas Allen

Christopher Barbee

John Booth

John Bradshaw

Moses Cavitt

William Coffin

Cary Cox

Joseph Darnell

Robert Ewart

John Fox

Jacob Hackleman

John Higgs

John Holloway

William Houston

James Hunter

James Jones

Marcom Manning

Drewery Massey

William Morrill

John Motley

Joshua Perry

William Roscoe

Jesse Staton

Montfort Stokes

Solomao Strickland

John Surratt

Joshua Tillman

Nathan Veech

Francis Worth