32 Patriots


Maryland organized a system to deal with the grievances imposed by Great Britain which culminated the formation of the Provincial Government knowns as the Maryland Convention. On Jul 25, 1776 the Convention resolved that the colony be put in a state of defense.

Nicholas Amos

Andrew Biddle

Edward Bussey

John Baptist Cambron

Moses Chaplin

Henry Cronise

James Cummings

Elihu Hall

Hoskins Hanson

Nicholas Hewitt

Gustavus Brown Hornor

Andrew Hull

Abraham Lakin

Richard Lane

Peter Mantz

Benjamin Murdock

John Murray

Nathaniel Nesbitt

Edward Northcraft

Thomas Odell

William Poling

Timothy Reagan

Henry Shipley

Richard Shipley

John Slicer

Peter Stimmel

Andrew Tryar

Leonard Watkins

Hugh Whitford

Samuel Willett

Isaac Workman

Constantine Wright