Charter Members

  1. Mrs. Francis Wyeth (First Regent)
  2. Mrs. Elizabeth R. Kunkel
  3. Mrs. Levi B. Aldricks
  4. Miss Ellen W. Hall
  5. Miss Martha Buehler
  6. Mrs. Hugh Hamilton
  7. Miss Caroline Pearson
  8. Mrs. M.W. McAlarney
  9. Mrs. Caleb Henry Carlton
  10. Mrs. George Wolf Buehler
  11. Mrs. Jacob Haldeman
  12. Mrs. Francis Jordan
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Aside from our service committees and activities, Harrisburg Chapter, NSDAR, holds chapter meetings from October through June featuring speakers on a wide variety of subjects. Our meetings are held the second Thursday of the month, except for September, February and June which are held on weekends. We do not host programs in July and August.

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